June Show Announcements

OK! Show announcement time! We have some amazing stuff happening in June, before taking a while off to prep for the full-length album. These shows are going to be done with some of the coolest friends we know AND for some of the coolest friends we know AND in conjunction… ok, ok. We have cool friends. Cool things happen. Let’s get to it. Cool?

June 1st is the date of the Funeral Pyre for Blueprint Entertainment. From the ashes of that pyre though will rise the phoenix of Street Legal Records. Come down to The Slice Bar & Grill. Try not to cry. Cry a lot. We will be playing with a ridiculous line-up of friends and they are: Biloxi Parish! SPARKLE BLOOD! Open Channels! & MomBod!

June 15th/16th is Sled Des Refusés.  Since so many artists try (and fail) to get into Sled Island (us included) this fest within a fest takes some of those that didn’t make the cut and displays them for another audience. We are proud to play with our fellow rejects on the Saturday (June 16th) of the fest. Venue is still TBA

June 21st is possibly the most stoked we’ve ever been for a show. Norwegian Blue Records & CKXU are teaming up to bring Ontarian fuzzy-experimentalists WHOOP-Szo to Lethbridge and we get to open! This will be put on at the Old Firehall No. 1 in Historic Chinatown. More details will be coming soon!


Thanks to all who came out to our release shows (May 4th, Calgary; May 12th, Lethbridge) for the new EP, Second. We’ve had amazing support on this new tape, and we’re happy that everyone is digging it!

Thanks all! (TW+MH)

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